Dine and Whine- A Caffrey Girl Production

Dine and Whine is a restaurant review show on AMP2,  the Monterey County Cable Station,  that lets you the viewer critique restaurants in  Monterey County area. How does it work? Three people share their favorite restaurant several weeks before taping. Each of you is required to visit the others’ restaurant and then come on the show and let us know what you think…was it great, does it live up to its hype, or was it just plain thumbs down?

Interested in being apart of the production? Send me an email at cc.54@live.com with you name, email, address, and phone number and we will contact you for upcoming shows!

  • A Caffrey Girl Production and The Pink Flamingo Theater,LLC do not compensate for appearances on Dine and Whine.

Show airs Mondays at 9:30p and Tuesdays at 2:30p

Previous Guests Include: Fred Bologna, Carrie Gerdes, Wendy Brickman, Lynn Rappa, Rhonda Lynam, Ashley Bare, Karen Called, Elizabeth Caracker, Christy D’Orio, Sharon and Burl Mikesell and Gloria Stearns.

Past Episodes